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Sex crime allegations can be very damaging to your reputation, your career, and your life. When it comes to sexual assault charges and other sex crime cases, in the public’s mind, the prevailing attitude is “guilty until proven innocent.” Victims’ rights activists, the media, prosecutors and other individuals quickly make assumptions and can demonize the accused whether or not you’re innocent.

Seth P. Chazin Is Your Key to a Strong Defense

When you are facing sex crime charges, you want an attorney that can not only handle your case with discretion, you also want an attorney who is highly skilled at handling serious sex offense allegations. With nearly 30 years of criminal defense experience, Seth P. Chazin will advocate for your rights, he will champion the presumption of innocence in your case, and safeguard your future.
With exceptional knowledge of California sex offender laws, Mr. Chazin understands how they apply to your charges and how to establish strong sex crime defenses. Seth P. Chazin is a top attorney in Criminal Defense and is rated a perfect 10. He’s a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist*, a member of the Board of Governors with the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice and a member of the The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Federal Bar Association.
For aggressive representation throughout the San Francisco Bay area, California, and the United States, Seth P. Chazin is the Attorney you need and your key to a successful defense.

Successfully Defending All Sex Crime Charges

Charges for various sex offenses, include:

Victories – Successful Sex Crime Defenses

  • Gang rape: Client, charged with two other defendants for allegedly drugging and gang-raping a woman. Seth Chazin’s aggressive defense resulted in all charges being dismissed, including related charges for possession of marijuana for sale, forgery and receiving stolen property.
  • Child pornography: Client confessed to possession of child pornography. Mr. Chazin proved that there was no way to prove that the client knowingly possessed child pornography − case dismissed.
  • Rape: A pre-file allegation of rape by a teenager was never prosecuted − no charges filed.
  • Prostitution: Prostitution charges dismissed − resulting in NO criminal record.
  • Prostitution: Client, along with 20+ co-defendants, was accused of importing prostitutes. Potentially facing 20 years in prison and deportation, the charges were reduced. The client was not deported, and minimal time was served.
  • Sex offender registration: Attorney Chazin convinced the Department of Justice to remove clients from the Meagan’s List, sex offender database.
  • Rape: Client accused of raping and then assaulting ex-girlfriend on several occasions. Aggressive investigation, pre-trial preparation and negotiations resulted in ALL CHARGES DISMISSED.
  • Internet solicitation: Client contacts alleged 13-year-old girl through the Internet. He engages in lewd conversation and sends pornographic photographs to alleged minor. Client then travels 60 miles to meet girl and cops are waiting for client when he arrives. No time in custody.

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Preserving Your Future Following Sex Crime Allegations

Both the Adam Walsh Act sex offender registration and the Meagan’s list are required for individuals convicted of certain sex offenses. These lists can be very detrimental to an individual, and can impact their lives for many years following a conviction. As such, Mr. Chazin will be proactive in pursuing pre-file resolution of sex offense charges and work hard at mitigating the allegations to avoid sex offender registration whenever possible. Through aggressive investigation, witness interviews, forensic expert investigation, reports and testimony, as well as persuasive negotiations, Mr. Chazin is able to resolve cases effectively and early.

Already convicted of a sex crime?

There are procedures that can allow you to remove your name from the sex offender registry. Mr. Chazin is skilled at assisting with expungements and certificates of rehabilitation to protect your criminal record and your future.

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*Certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization